Tour Escort – Grant Edwards “Canada Alaska”

‚ÄúDear King William Travel,I would like to take the opportunity to provide you with feedback respecting my recent Scenic tour to Canada and Alaska. I was the tour director for 35 King William Travel guests. This was an exceptional group, made up of pleasant, fun individuals. I would also like to comment, in particular, of the attributes of the tour escort, Grant Edwards. Grant was a superb representative of your company. Grant was always readily available to assist with any of the guest’s needs. His personable nature, along with his strong sense of humour, kept him in good stead with his fellow travellers. Grant is a very knowledgeable individual and understands the dynamics involved in group travel. Throughout the tour, Grant always displayed himself in a calm, friendly and professional manner. Grant’s strong communication skills were evident on daily basis. His “team player” approach to his tour escort role made for a very positive working environment, and resulted in the development of a friendship between him and myself. This positive relationship between the tour director and tour escort is not achieved on every tour. Grant’s strong interactions with the tour group was a major contributing factor to a very enjoyable and successful tour. It was a pleasure to have Grant on the tour in the capacity of escort. I look forward to future trips working alongside Grant, escorting King William Travel guests to Canada and Alaska.
Thanks again for choosing Scenic, and allowing me the privilege of showing the group my part of the world. Your truly,
John Bond
Tour Director, Victoria, Canada Scenic Luxury Cruises & Tours.&

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