Sea Princess


Not long ago, Sea Princess was updated to include The Sanctuary, a tranquil haven just for adults, a fitting enhancement for this relaxed, rejuvenating retreat at sea. Whether you’re cutting into a juicy steak cooked to order in the dining room, or enjoying the luxury of a special breakfast just for booking a suite, you’ll be taken care of on board as you sail to fascinating destinations all over the world with Sea Princess
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Date (Y/M/D)CLICK NUMBERCruiseItineraryClick to Enquire
2020/02/16C005Queensland CruiseItineraryEnquire
2020/03/10C008Round Australia CruiseItineraryEnquire
2020/04/07C009 Haiwaii Tahiti South PacificItineraryEnquire
2020/08/27C014 Northern ExplorerItineraryEnquire
2020/09/13C015Coral CoastItineraryEnquire
2020/09/21C016Treasurers of SouthEast AsiaItineraryEnquire
2020/10/23C018ATreasurers of SouthEast AsiaItineraryEnquire
2020/11/04C019Australian GetawayItineraryEnquire
2020/11/09C020Adelaide to TasmaniaItineraryEnquire
2020/11/16C021South East AustraliaItineraryEnquire
2020/11/30C022Adelaide to TasmaniaItineraryEnquire
2020/12/07C023Southern GetawayItineraryEnquire
2021/02/10C106AAustralia GetawayItineraryEnquire
2021/02/21C107Around AustraliaItineraryEnquire
2021/03/31C109Papua New Guinea CruiseItineraryEnquire
2021/04/15C110Fiji CruiseItineraryEnquire