Pacific Explorer


She’s the perfect match for Australia’s fun and sun loving lifestyle complete with two waterslides, a waterpark, barefoot bowling, zip lining, rock climbing and a huge range of bars, pubs and live music venues.When it comes to dining guests will be spoilt for choice with 12 dining experiences all included in the cruise fare.All this combined with P&O’s stylish yet relaxed modern Australian interior designs. We can’t wait to welcome you onboard.

Travelling with Medication
Travelling with Sensory Impairment

Date (Y/M/D)CLICK NUMBERCruiseItineraryClick to Enquire
2020/04/14X016Discover Vanuatu CruiseItineraryEnquire
2020/04/27X018New Guinea Island CruiseItineraryEnquire
2020/05/22X023Fiji Explorer CruiseItineraryEnquire
2020/06/08X025Discover Vanuatu CruiseItineraryEnquire
2020/07/19X031Fiji CruiseItineraryEnquire
2020/08/11X034Barrier Reef CruiseItineraryEnquire
2020/08/24X036New Guinea Island CruiseItineraryEnquire
2020/09/07X038Discover Vanuatu CruiseItineraryEnquire
2020/09/28X042Discover Vanuatu CruiseItineraryEnquire
2020/10/24X046South Pacific CruiseItineraryEnquire
2020/11/07X048Queensland CruiseItineraryEnquire
2020/11/17X050New Guinea Island CruiseItineraryEnquire
2020/12/05X052Barrier Reef Discovery CruiseItineraryEnquire
2021/01/23X104Barrier Reef Discovery CruiseItineraryEnquire
2021/05/15X123PBarrier Reef Discovery CruiseItineraryEnquire
2021/06/19X129Barrier Reef Discovery CruiseItineraryEnquire
2021/07/03X131Barrier Reef Discovery CruiseItineraryEnquire
2021/07/31X135Barrier Reef Discovery CruiseItineraryEnquire