Pacific Dawn


Designed by world renowned Italian architect Renzo Piano, Pacific Dawn currently cruises out of Brisbane yearround. Take a closer look in the Deck Plans and 360° Virtual Views features.One of her most exciting features has to be The Dome, a spacious entertainment area featuring amazing views by day and great live entertainment, comedy shows, dancing and more by night.When it comes to dining on Pacific Dawn her guests are spoilt for choice. There’s a la carte dining in the Waterfront Restaurant and a huge range of buffet-style options in Plantation Restaurant, all included in your fare. There’s also classic Aussie favourites at The Grill where most items are included in your fare. For a small cover charge guests can explore the flavours of Asia with a banquet-style menu at Luna or, dine in style at celebrity chef restaurant Salt grill by Luke Mangan. Complete with over 184 affordable balcony rooms,9 bars, pubs and nightclubs, two outdoor pools and four spas,library, duty-free shopping, adult’s only retreat The Oasis, a gym and day spa, Pacific Dawn is truly a relaxing way to cruise! contact number  0011 1 321 837 6300
Travelling with Medication
Travelling with Sensory Impairment

Date (Y/M/D)CLICK NUMBERCruiseItineraryClick to Enquire
2020/04/04W019NBarrier Reef DiscoveryItineraryEnquire
2020/04/11W020Pacific Island CruiseItineraryEnquire
2020/04/25W023Barrier Reef CruiseItineraryEnquire
2020/05/05W025New Guinea Island EncounterItineraryEnquire
2020/05/18W027Fij Adventure CruiseItineraryEnquire
2020/05/30W028Pacific Island CruiseItineraryEnquire
2020/06/06W029Barrier Reef CruiseItineraryEnquire
2020/06/20W032Barrier Reef CruiseItineraryEnquire
2020/06/27W033Pacific Island CruiseItineraryEnquire
2020/07/04W034Pacific Island CruiseItineraryEnquire
2020/07/18W037Bounty Adventure CruiseItineraryEnquire
2020/08/01W038Barrier Reef CruiseItineraryEnquire
2020/08/15W041Pacific Island CruiseItineraryEnquire
2020/08/26W043New Guinea Island CruiseItineraryEnquire
2020/09/05W044Pacific Island CruiseItineraryEnquire
2020/10/03W049Barrier Reef CruiseItineraryEnquire
2020/10/17W052Barrier Reef CruiseItineraryEnquire
2020/10/30W054Fiji CruiseItineraryEnquire