Pacific Aria


Let your troubles float away on Pacific Aria. Hang out in a luxury penthouse suite, dig in with sixteen dining experiences, catch a movie at the Premium Cinema and swim in the top deck pool – it’s open no matter the weather thanks to a climate controlled retractable roof!
Travelling with Medication
Travelling with Sensory Impairment

Date (Y/M/D)CLICK NUMBERCruiseItineraryClick to Enquire
2019/11/01A944NSouth Pacific CruiseItineraryEnquire
2019/11/08A945NSouth Pacific CruiseItineraryEnquire
2019/11/19A947NNew Guinea Island EncounterItineraryEnquire
2019/12/16A951NFiji AdventureItineraryEnquire
2020/01/10A003NBarrier Reef Discovery Cruise ItineraryEnquire
2020/01/17A004NPacific Islands Cruise ItineraryEnquire
2020/02/09A010Tasmania Cruise ItineraryEnquire
2020/03/11A018Tasmania Cruise ItineraryEnquire
2020/03/19A019Adelaide, Pt Lincoln, KI, Adelaide Cruise ItineraryEnquire
2020/03/23A020Adelaide, Pt Lincoln, KI, Adelaide Cruise ItineraryEnquire
2020/03/30A022Adelaide, Pt Lincoln, KI, Adelaide Cruise ItineraryEnquire
2020/10/26A051Discover Vanuatu CruiseItineraryEnquire
2020/11/27A058Discover Vanuatu CruiseItineraryEnquire
2020/12/18A062Discover Vanuatu CruiseItineraryEnquire
2021/02/10A109Southern Discovery CruiseItineraryEnquire
2021/03/09A114Southern Discovery CruiseItineraryEnquire

Ship data and Deck Plan

  • Maximum speed: 20 knots
  • Length: 219 meters
  • Tonnage: 55.820
  • Number of decks: 12
  • Passengers: 1500
  • Languages on board: English
  • Currency on board: Australian Dollar
  • Internet: Wi-Fi
  • Year of entry: 2015
    Calling from Australia:
    Telephone: 00 11 1 321 837 6315 or 00 11 1 321 837 6316