Melbourne Flower Show

“My husband, Leigh and I have just returned from the Floriade tour, which we both found very enjoyable.We would like to commend the driving skills of our driver Cyril. He drove us very safely all tour, but in particular his calmness and skill driving on Wednesday through the high wind and then through the blackout and torrential rain in the city was exceptional. We had several very nervous ladies in the back of the coach, but I heard a conversation between them as we drove into the bus station. It went “We’re here already!”, “Are we? I Thought it would take longer than that” “I was so scared, I was sure we would take ages” “I have never been so scared before”. The passengers burst into spontaneous applause for Cyril. Beverley was also a spontaneous enthusiastic hostess who, with Cyril looked after our enjoyment and well being for every day matters. I would appreciate it if you would pass on Leigh’s and my gratitude for their efforts. I have just received the dates for the Melbourne Flower Show and am wondering if King William Travel do a tour to that Show. If you do such a tour, I would appreciate hearing about the tour. Regards, Pat

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