Thanks Emma – Patricia and Brian

” Hi Emma, Just wanted to let you know our experience on the Flinders R. Tour it was the most fabulous time everything was perfect.Our coach Captain and hostess were just so good couldn’t do enough for us put a lot thought and effort into all of our forays into the outback reaches. Flight over Wilpena Pound is a highly recommend.Accommodation was very good meals could not be faulted plenty to eat and well presented The weather was kind to us a bit warm the first couple of days but from Mon on wards just right.A well put together package. Brian and I did an optional tour at Arkaroola,was an Eco Tour was a giggle and hang on experience laughter and screams from 10 over 60′s adults hilarious, fairly hair raising but like the Ridge Top maybe not for the fainted hearted or persons with back problems. An all over fun time,great group of people.Well done.K.W.Travel”. Thanks Again Patricia/Brian

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